When You Work With Sea Change You Have So Much More Than A Job

We know that more and more qualified Australians want the ideal work/life balance, where they can live in a place that makes them happy and still have a job with awesome pay. At Sea Change, we are recruiting Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other therapists Australia-wide. If you’re looking for a flexible but rewarding career, you’re in the right place.

Allied Health Professional Careers in Australia


If you’re talented, self-motivated and obsessed with helping your clients, then we’d love to talk!

Sea Change Health Professionals are a passionate and innovative team. Based in the Illawarra, we believe that you should love what you do and look forward to coming into work every day.

As an Allied Health services provider, we work with a range of Aged Care and NDIS clients, and depending on your experience and passion we are able to work with you to create an opportunity that is a close match for your ideal job.

We are employer of choice and an enthusiastic, pioneering team that is leading
industry change. When you work with us, you’ll experience work/life balance and be able to contribute to the overall success of our organisation.

Career development is a priority and we give our team members the opportunity to:

  • Grow and develop clinical skills across a range of disciplines
  • Work closely with the support of our Lead Clinical Educator
  • Develop a personal CPD pathway as part of our robust and evidence-based
    education program

6 Reasons To Choose Sea Change

Professional Development Program

We encourage our team to undertake both professional and personal development as part of our career acceleration program so they can grow their career.

Competitive Pay

Our therapists are paid well so they are motivated to provide the highest level of service.

Flexible Recruiters

Want to work four days? That’s fine! Prefer evenings or weekends? We can work with you to find the right hours.

Work/Life Balance

Our practitioners benefit from living where they love, applying their skills and still enjoying the things they love outside of work.

Professional Training

We invest in our people. You will work regularly with a senior clinician and follow a structured framework for career acceleration.

Leading Providers

Sea Change Health Professionals is recognised as one of the leading health care providers in the Illawarra.

Destination Employer 

We strive in excellence in all we do and its our goal to be an employer of choice and we are working hard towards that goal.

Becoming an employer of choice is a big deal for us. That is why we are working with everyone in our team each day week quarter and year to move closer to realising the dream of being an employer or choice. We look at the positive day to day culture aspects of a role, the chance to increase autonomy people have over their roles, talk with and review the multiple opportunities to progress a persons career, provide opportunities to grow and learn both personally and professionally, and finally provide the opportunity to have an equal say on how we collectively practice and move towards achieving excellence in the delivery of the care we provide.

Working together, transparently we are able to make a much better and honest connection with people and work out right away if they are a fit for our team and if the timing is right.

Commitment to Culture in a Remote Setting

We know that staff working remotely and from home need innovative ways to connect and feel connected to both their peers and the business. Our long-term strategy for addressing this includes developing a strong positive culture by ensuring staff have a feeling of ownership and belonging to the team, an understanding of the overarching vision, mission and company values and they actively contribute to these. We also pay close attention to ensuring adequate platforms and moments are available for connection.

Positive Recruitment Practices

Its not just talk, or is it? How we think recruitment practices should be in 2022

It’s normally the first point of engagement. Open and transparent communication about who we are and what we do. When someone is interested in working with us we simply start a conversation with them about what and why they are looking for in their next role, if this fits with what we need as a business we proceed by offering an informal social-based meeting to discuss further in person. By identifying what needs we both have in common we are able to quickly understand each other and quickly move through the remaining aspects of designing a job.

Our core value of flexibility is strongly represented in our recruitment practices. We transparently and openly discuss all aspects of a role with interested people. We listen and talk with people to build a job that they want and need to be successful. We take into consideration flexibility around days of work, type of work or case load and discussion around annual reviewing of the position and clear pathways for career growth coupled with significantly above award pay and education opportunities we have been able to ensure we have hired the right person for the job. Ensuring long-term job satisfaction and low staff turnover.

We know this works because we have continued to hire incredible people throughout this year. Additionally, we work with recruiters who give us feedback that their candidates love our process, often want to work for us and that they appreciate the unique experience. We give no time limit to interviews, guided only by the applicant, we discuss the needs of the applicant and how we could be flexible in meeting them. We are even starting to get people we have interviewed, but chosen not to hire to refer their friends.

It’s also not a bad sign when people are willing to move country to come and work with us. We have helped 2 people move from abroad already and have 2 more we are working with that will be here any day now! Our Visa sponsorship and limited registration pathway employees.


Why We’re Different

Fully Mobile

Forget the stress and expense of travelling to Physiotherapist appointments. Our clinicians will come to you.

Resourceful Team

Sea Change’s round table of individual professionals collaborate to redefine Allied Health.

More Than Therapy

The clinicians on our team take the time to work with every client and understand their needs.


We are motivated to make sure you get the maximum value for money from every visit.

Fully Trained Team

Ongoing personal and professional development is a priority for the practitioners at Sea Change Health Professionals.

A Culture Of Positivity

We are supportive and encouraging in everything that we do.