What is a Therapy Assistant?

A Therapy Assistant has training in physiotherapy but is not a Physiotherapist. They may be a personal trainer or hold a Certificate III or Certificate IV, which qualifies them to provide support for clients who are following a program to optimise their mobility.

Your Therapy Assistant will work with you between Physiotherapist appointments to help with ‘workouts’ and provide support for guided movement.

As shared by the NSW Government, a Therapy Assistant:

  • Assists clients with exercise or rehabilitation programs.
  • Delivers self-care and rehabilitation equipment to the patient at home, in a hospital or clinic.
    Adjusts equipment to suit the client’s needs.
  • Demonstrates the use of equipment.
  • Lifts, transfers and generally assists in moving patients within their home, to hospitals or places of treatment.

Using a Therapy Assistant is ideal to better manage NDIS budget because a session costs less than meeting with a Physiotherapist. You get more ‘face time’ with a Therapy Assistant and can meet with your Physiotherapist at regular intervals to review your progress.

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NDIS Therapy Assistants

Sea Change Therapy Assistants are mobile, meaning you don’t need to spend money to travel to your supported exercise sessions.

After you or your client have met with a Sea Change Physiotherapist, an exercise program will be created for you to follow. This will be carried out with the help of your Therapy Assistant. You will meet with the Physiotherapists regularly to check progress and revise the program.

Aged Care Therapy Assistants

Aged Care Therapy Assistants visit between Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist appointments to help residents follow their exercise program.

Professional, empathetic and caring, we aim to inspire as well as educate.

All exercises are carried out following clear systems and processes to ensure safety and ongoing improvement to physical health.

Mobile Physiotherapy in Illawarra
Our Therapy Assistants

Sea Change Therapy Assistants complement your physiotherapy or occupational therapy plan while helping you to stay in better control of your budget.

Our assistants are mobile and can come to you anywhere in the Illawarra. Contact us to find out more.