Our Commitment to Person Centered Care

Support Services - Letting Clinicians be Clinicians A unique model!

We know that more and more qualified Australians want the ideal work/life balance, where they can live in a place that makes them happy and still have a job with awesome pay. At Sea Change, we know there is more to it then just that. We have a serious passion for learning as we know it is the pathway to excellence.

No Admin Paper work

We employ a designated support team that Completes rostering, booking, service agreements, all non-clinical associated paper work that is required by the NDIS. This allows our therapists to spend their time on what they do best, delivering the highest level of clinical care to our clients.

No KPI's or Billable Hours

For clinicians who work with Sea Change, there are no minimum billable hours that plague this industry and no efforts to force billing from the NDIS. This means that we focus on and prescribe exactly what the client needs as per their clinical judgement and evidence-based practice without being put in the ethical position of also being required to meet a minimum billable model. No Ethical Dilemma – living our values of person cantered care and excellence

A real Education and Professional Development Program

1:1 personalised session with the director and principal clinician at the company we focus on professional development in 2 main areas. Clinical excellence based on a combination of our governance framework, the interests of the staff member and the clinical requirements of their case load and their level of experience. Secondly we focus on the staff member as an individual and look at their personal growth and what or where they need or want to improve. From leadership or business skills to confidence building or critical thinking we focus on helping our clinicians become more well-rounded people both clinically and personally. All the Cert 4 business and leadership x 9 employees, funded and supported by the business.

Because person centered care starts with the person wearing the uniform.

Why We’re Different

Fully Mobile

Forget the stress and expense of travelling to Physiotherapist appointments. Our clinicians will come to you.

Resourceful Team

Sea Change’s round table of individual professionals collaborate to redefine Allied Health.

More Than Therapy

The clinicians on our team take the time to work with every client and understand their needs.


We are motivated to make sure you get the maximum value for money from every visit.

Fully Trained Team

Ongoing personal and professional development is a priority for the practitioners at Sea Change Health Professionals.

A Culture Of Positivity

We are supportive and encouraging in everything that we do.