What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists focus on promoting health and wellbeing by enabling people to participate in the everyday occupations of life.. Occupational therapists play a particularly crucial role in enabling people experiencing disability to identify and implement methods that support their participation in occupations. This may include modifying an activity or an environment.

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When should I see an occupational therapist

Occupational therapists work with people with both physical and mental health illnesses and disabilities. Some key areas of activity where occupational therapists may provide support include:

  • Daily living activities such as showering, dressing, grooming, eating;
  • Multi-step activities that may involve household management
  • Leisure and play activities;

Social participation

What services do occupational therapists provide?

Occupational therapists can help ageing clients find new ways of doing things to help them in everyday life. This may involve building their knowledge, changing an environment to suit their needs, using aides and building skills.