Getting Rid of Waitlists

“Wait Lists”

The buzz word of Allied Health care in disability and aged care. With limited services individuals and their teams are waiting up to 6 months to get assessments and ongoing services. At Sea Change we are tackling this problem head on in a variety of ways, with most wait times less than one week.

So, how do we do that?

  • Having a positive client to clinician ratio
  • Sharing the load amongst clinicians
  • Clear pathways to getting assessed and needs met

Having a Positive Client to Clinician ratio

The easy option is to bring on more staff, however in a demand heavy market experienced clinicians are in rarity. It is well published about the current demand for Allied Health Staff and Sea Change is always actively looking through a combination of “normal” advertisements (such as Seek), Recruitment Agencies and head hunting. Whilst we do see successes these are often a lot harder to come by and are not a short-term solution.

By having more available clinician time then clients we ensure that there is always room for new referrals as well as ensuring enough time for our clinicians to complete top rated reports.


There is often at least a 60% crossover amongst disciplines scope in the NDIS and My Aged Care


Sharing the load amongst clinicians

Through proper training, an understanding of the NDIS and My Aged Care systems and set procedures we can effectively “triage” cases amongst disciplines to help cut wait time down. A great example is Functional Capacity Reports, we have come across numerous Coordinators who believe they need to be completed by Occupational Therapists. With the Sea Change training, understanding and procedures we have successfully developed the tools to provide High Quality reports whether they be from an OT or a Physio. By successfully doing this we ensure that our waitlists for reports are almost non-existent and get an assessment and an urgent report turned around in less than a week (We can even do <48hrs for a super urgent report).

We employ this model across our services, as experts in the field of Allied Healthcare we know how to best meet your needs and goals and we know which services to match you up with. We do everything we can to ensure your needs and goals are met within a timely manner.

Clear pathways to getting your needs assessed

Nothing is worse than waiting for a spot, getting in and then stuffing around working out what you do and don’t need. Our friendly Support Team understand the NDIS and Aged Care sectors and will put you on the right Sea Change Pathway from the start. At Sea Change we have developed pathways to help organise your sessions with us, ensuring your not wasting one minute or dollar.

Ready to experience the Sea Change difference with no wait times and people who understand the NDIS?

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