Using this Industry Fisrt Allied Health AN-ACC Calulator will help you assess what the Allied Health needs will be for your facility when moving away from ACFI and toward a brighter future with ANACC

Some quick FAQ’s about Sea Change Allied Health AN-ACC Calculator

  • What do these numbers mean?
    This online calculator provides an estimate within 15% accuracy of what your allied health program should look like under the new AN-ACC model of funding, based on the Class mix that has been provided. Based on the provided class mix data this comprehensive tool analyses and creates an evidenced-based assessment and treatment program, showing you the required FTE for the program
  • How can I access this service for my facility or organisation:
    Complete the form below so that we may help you or alternatively you can contact us via email, or phone?
  • What is provided:
    Working together we will provide a customised Allied Health and Wellbeing program that is AN-ACC ready, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the different pillars of care that are required by an Allied Health program in order to meet standards beyond ACFI. 
  • Where do these numbers come from:
    Allied Health is not changing, just the funding model for its provision in facility-based aged care. As a group of professionals, we are driven by evidence-based practice. This tool creates an Allied Health program based on AN-ACC class mix data by using evidence to estimate needs.
  • How can I improve the accuracy of this calculator for my Facility?
    We want to provide the best services we can and help you transition away from ACFI and towards ANACC as easily as possible. We can provide customised site-specific estimations with just a few more details. Get in contact today.
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