Welcome to Sea Change Access

Our advocacy service for Participants trying to access the NDIS

Some quick FAQ’s about Sea Change Access:

  • How much does it cost the Participant: This is a new service, we are currently still developing it and as such we will not be charging for the services provided for the time being. This may change in the future to include EPC referral to help cover the costs associated with providing this service.
  • What it cost the Support Co: We really want to provide the best services we can, so we just ask that anyone we work with provide as much feedback as possible and works with us to help more people access the NDIS and change their lives.
  • How can Support Co’s access this service: Contact us via email, phone or simply complete the form below.
  • How long is the wait time: At the moment the is a short waiting list. If this is a service that we find ultimately helps people and there is a growing need we will assess how to tackle this if wait times get too long.
  • What is provided: We will provide an Allied Health Access report for use in the clients application pack for accessing the NDIS initially.

What is the Access Program?

 Sea Change Access is a program that we started in early 2022 that provides critical assistance to vulnerable people who are either attempting to access or have been denied access to the NDIS. We work with individuals and other businesses within the Illawarra to provide detailed access reports free of charge to these people so they can access the NDIS. Helping vulnerable people in our local economy gain access to the NDIS and associated funds so they may live dignified and more independent lives is the primary goal of Sea Change Access.


Free Allied Health assessment and care for people that are struggling to access the NDIS Removing the burden of the client having to privately fund any assessment or report that they need to enter the NDIS system we offer a truly unique service we are extremely proud of.

Launching the pilot in March this year the Sea Change Access program has already assisted 12 people access the NDIS for the first time, many of which had previously attempted to access it but were rejected because of a lack of evidence.

The time spent this year developing, conducting and completing these reports is now at an estimated value of nearly $20,000 of worth of clinical and administration time that has been donated to people in need and assistance since February this year.

The outcome of this has been that these participants have now been granted access to the NDIS and are able to greatly improve their standard of living that they are actually receiving the care they need.

We are able to achieve this via way of increased efficiency around scheduling, utilisation of in house electronic forms and automation.