4 Misconceptions about Physio’s

We hear it all the time:, “Physios can’t do that, Physio’s only do this…” In an ever changing industry, education on the role of Allied Health in the Disability and Aged Care sectors is vital. Here are the top 5 misconceptions about Physios:

  1. They are only useful for treating injuries.
    Our Physios are here to help individuals live a better life and achieve their goals through functional movement. Physiotherapy can assist people with disability in a variety of ways, including treatment for pain management, home exercise programs for rehabilitation, advice on the management of specific conditions and providing recommendations for equipment and mobility aids.
  2. Physio’s cant do Home Assessments or Equipment Recommendations.
    Of course we can, Physios are some of the most educated in health professions with a minimum of a 4 year degree and ongoing Continual Professional Development. At Sea Change we take this one step further with our own in house training. We train our Physios on the best way to complete and write these assessments and recommendations that will result in the best chance of achieving your clients needs. With wait times for some services are up to 6months we can cut them down to within a week!
  3. Physio’s cant write Functional Reports.
    That’s our bread and butter! Physios are well adept in measuring, assessing and reporting on Individuals Functional Capacity. From these reports we are also able to make recommendations for further supports, not only with Physiotherapy but for other professions such as Coordination of Supports. With years of experience, we know what to write and what not to write when it comes writing these reports. Not convinced? Reach out to our Support Team using the details below to get a deidentified Functional Capacity Evaluation Report.
  4. All Physios work out of a Clinic.
    Not at all, we pride ourselves on coming to wherever a client wants, even the Beach! Further from point one, we often aren’t treating injuries, rather we are providing services to assist clients live the lives they want. What better way to get to know a person’s day to day needs and goals then in the environment they will be working towards them? This allows our physios to gain a more holistic view on the supports needed. We believe so much in this we don’t even have a clinic!

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